The Start of a Journey: Indie Game Dev

This year, I have been doing a lot of analysis into what I would like to do to support myself in life. The flexibility of software engineering allows me to be placed anywhere, but how do I land myself a position that is within my passions? For me, that passion will have to revolve around something creative. This is what led me to want to be a part of the video game development process. Therefore, I am taking it upon myself to begin a journey that will showcase my talents and passion for video games and all things nerdy.

Last December, I decided to begin developing an RPG game I am calling Dimensio. My issue with large projects has always been the follow-through after a great idea. For this month, I decided to focus on creating a small working product, and thus a starting point for my game development career.

I choose to use RPG Maker XP, mostly because I really wanted to focus on what it meant to development something from start to finish. This in turn would include other tools in the future when I am ready to expand the contents on the game.

Most of this month was spent on learning the ins and outs of XP, and what skills I would need to customize the game further. Even though the base tilemaps and dialogue boxes were great, I kept staring at them wondering if I could change them and how.

The end result from a month of game development isn’t much, but overall I learned a lot about what the pathway looks like for an indie game developer.

From this month, I was able to decide that I want to take this concept and expand it out into it’s own fully-functioning game. So, starting in January, I will be peeling the hood back and starting back at story building and trying to create something of beauty there.

Join me every Tuesday night at 8pm (PST) to dive into developing this game and overall learn development skills for game design! I am excited to learn new tools and really dive into a creative venture.


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